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We’re TRADEMARK. Like-minded individuals, united under a common vision: Adamant protection of investments during inevitable periods of risk.

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Managed Accounts

Managed Accounts

Tactically balancing safety and return for two decades.



When it comes to retirement, failure is not an option.

We’re TRADEMARK. Like-minded individuals, united under a common vision: Adamant protection of investments during inevitable periods of risk.

At Trademark, we have a long history of offering tactical investment solutions – each designed to participate in up markets while staunchly protecting capital in down markets.

People are emotional. Investing shouldn’t be.

TRADEMARK seeks protection of your assets during rough times in the market, while keeping you on track towards achieving your goals .

Successful investors do not avoid risk. They manage it.

TRADEMARK: Steady guidance from Don Beasley, an innovator in tactical risk management since 1991.

Managed Accounts

TRADEMARK provides a suite of separate managed account strategies designed to help individuals achieve their investment goals with as little emotional stress as possible. Each of our strategies have varying primary objectives but all have an equal emphasis on the most important aspect of successful investing – avoiding large losses.

Tactical Risk Strategy Factsheet

Tactical Risk Strategy Pitchbook

Trademark Investment Strategies

Tactical Risk Strategy Overview
Our TRS process

Our flagship, tactical unconstrained, portfolio seeks to participate in equity markets during lower-risk, constructive market environments and staunchly protect our investors’ capital in down markets. We utilize exchange traded funds (ETFs) to create and tactically adjust a diversified and balanced portfolio according to current market conditions.

We use a proprietary quantitative model to measure current market risk conditions. This helps us identify if the market is in a constructive environment or a higher-risk environment. Based on our risk model’s assessment we can tactically adjust our portfolio between a diversified allocation with a heavy equity bias all the way down to a fully cash or cash equivalent allocation during the highest risk environments.

Assess Market Risk, Build Portfolio of ETFs according to risk, Manage Portfolio


We have a long tradition of helping retirement plan sponsors and plan participants invest for their retirement goals and objectives. Our innovative tactical risk managed solutions are designed to help our clients by mitigating their exposure to destructive market losses.

Tactical Risk Series Brochure

Tactical Risk Series Fact Sheet

Tactical Risk Series Pitchbook

Cash Balance Pitchbook

Retirement Plan Strategies

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What is a CIT?
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Plan sponsors today are faced with the challenge of choosing the right target-date solution for their participants. While it is important to take into account a TDF’s investment objective and glidepath methodology, it is also important to understand the fund’s ability to protect participants’ retirement savings during times of market volatility.

What makes Trademarks’ retirement series unique is our Tactical Risk Overlay – an allocation within each fund designed to provide significant downside protection. While dynamic, the percentage allocated to the Tactical Risk Overlay increases as an investor approaches their retirement age and throughout their golden years.

Collective trust funds, also known as collective investment trusts (CITs), are pooled investment vehicles maintained by a bank or trust company. Like mutual funds, CITs combine the assets of various organizations to create a large, well-diversified portfolio, and their investors own shares of the CIT. Unlike mutual funds, CITs are available exclusively to qualified retirement plans, including 401(k) and certain government, pension, and profit sharing plans.

The defined contribution market has shown increasing interest in CITs because of their ability to satisfy plan sponsor demand for institutional-quality investment management, while potentially offering lower participant costs.

Lower Cost:

CITs may have a lower fee structure than mutual funds because mutual funds typically charge shareholders for regulatory and administrative expenses as well as marketing and distribution costs.

Fiduciary Standards:

CIT Trustees are held to ERISA fiduciary standards, meaning that the bank must act solely in the best interest of the plan participants and beneficiaries.

Fee Structure Flexibility:

CITs are not limited by the retail mutual funds share class structure, which allows for greater pricing flexibility for both the advisor and plan sponsor.

CITs are regulated by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) or state banking laws and are subject to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). CITs are not available to retail investors, and therefore are exempt from some of the regulatory requirements that apply to mutual funds, including registration with the SEC under the Investment Company Act of 1940.

CITs are designed exclusively for tax-exempt, qualified retirement plans.

Trademark’s innovative Cash Balance Investment Solution (CBIS) has been developed to address the very specific requirements of a cash balance plan – to target the interest crediting rate of the 30 year Treasury bond yield.

Few products are available in the industry for these specific needs and of those the primary strategy has been to employ a heavy or exclusive allocation to fixed income investments. In the current low yield environment for fixed income this makes achieving the investment objective of cash balance plans difficult while increasing potential risk of loss should interest rates rise.

At Trademark, we believe a balanced approach INCLUDING an allocation to equity is important to achieve the return requirements for cash balance plans – but we also understand the consequences of losses. That is why we are well positioned to provide this need. Our philosophy is to protect from large losses by having the flexibility to tactically reduce (or remove) exposure to high risk market environments – and our portfolio managers have been doing it for clients since 1991.

The CBIS portfolio was developed to address the specific needs of cash balance pension plans. Most cash balance pension plans need a steady return equal to the 30-year Treasury bond yield, or slightly in excess of that benchmark, with low volatility. Our portfolio is constructed to target this benchmark and benefits from Trademark’s overriding emphasis of capital preservation during periods of market unrest. We tactically manage our exposure to both the equity and fixed income positions to avoid unnecessary risks during down markets.

The CBIS strategy is innovative in that it also protects returns when the benchmark rate is achieved during the year. This is monitored on a calendar year basis. No matter when the benchmark return is achieved during the year, once it has been reached the strategic allocation is moved to more fixed income to protect the gains.


Trademark Capital is a boutique investment management firm that provides tactical ETF portfolio solutions. For over two decades, Trademark’s principals have managed tactical portfolios aimed to maximize wealth by minimizing large losses.

We do not manage strategies to outperform an index or benchmark.We believe our tactical risk strategies reduce the chances of making emotional investment decisions and, in return, may increase investors’ likelihood of meeting their long-term goals.

Trademark offers tactical investment solutions via managed accounts as well as Collective Investment Funds for qualified retirement plans.

Don Beasley

Principal Managing Director

Don Beasley is a Principal Managing Director at Trademark Capital. Don began his professional money management career in 1988 and has been a nationally featured speaker on topics including technical market analysis and quantitative criteria for mutual fund selection and management. Throughout Don’s career, he has been a pioneer in the industry and instrumental in creating and improving a technology-driven, actively managed investment model that continues to be an integral part of Trademark’s investment management philosophy today. Don’s unwavering belief that missing down markets is the most important part of capital preservation has allowed him to help improve the investment experience for clients. He continues to balance the quantitative model with a distinct need to protect every dollar he manages. Prior to working at Trademark, Don co-founded Personal Mutual Fund Management (PMFM), Inc. in 1991 (presently Stadion Money Management). Don received two Bachelor of Science degrees in Math and Physical Education and a Masters in Administration from Northwestern State University. He also holds the Series 65 license (Uniform Investment Advisor). Don lives in Athens, Georgia with his wife. A former NCAA basketball coach, Don is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys deer hunting and spending time with his nieces and nephews.

“It does not matter how frequently something succeeds – if failure is too costly to bear.”

“If you don’t stand for something… you’ll fall for anything.”

“Avoiding large losses is more important to one’s investment return than just asset allocation”

Principal Managing Director

Lastly, there are some final considerations which need to be kept in mind by organizations designing their consent processes.

It is important to remember that the purposes for which an organization collects and uses personal information must be appropriate and defined. Even with consent, privacy laws require organizations to limit collection, use and disclosure of personal information to purposes that a reasonable person would consider appropriate under the circumstances Female sandals banquet fish tip women shoes large silver highheel shoes Pearl white paint oN50RW9
. In other words, an individual’s consent is not a free pass for organizations to engage in collecting and using personal information indiscriminately for whatever purpose they choose.

Under private sector privacy laws, individuals have the right to withdraw consent, subject to legal or contractual restrictions. Withdrawal of consent should be respected and put a stop to any further collection and use of the individual’s personal information. It may also mean that data held by an organization about an individual should be deleted depending on the circumstances. For example, if a user deletes his account on a social networking site, the organization should delete his personal information on the site. There may be limited circumstances where an organization may need to retain some information about an individual who has withdrawn consent. For example, a “do not contact” list of email addresses could be retained for individuals who have requested no further communication from an online service. Moreover, other laws may require that information be retained. For example, financial sector legislation and regulations require organizations to retain information such as client credit files and credit card applications for five years from the day of closing of the account to which they relate. Footnote 22

Finally, it is important to note that consent does not waive an organization’s other obligations under privacy laws, such as overall accountability, collection limitation, and safeguards. In other words, if an individual consented to have their personal information handled contrary to legal requirements, the organization would still be considered in contravention of those requirements.

The measures set out in this document can be separated into obligations arising from legal requirements (those things an organization must do to obtain meaningful consent) and best practices (those things an organization should consider in order to improve their consent process). We recommend reading the entire document in order to understand context and nuance and reading your jurisdiction’s legislation for your specific legal obligations, but we provide the following checklist as a quick reference.

To obtain meaningful consent and meet their related obligations under Canadian privacy law, organizations must:

For instance, the OPC ’s “ Lunar Men’s Strike Beach and Pool Shoes Black Black 23376 A53tshJE
” and the outcome of that discussion, the “ Report on Consent ”.

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» Funding » Rackham Non-Traditional Fellowships

The Rackham Graduate School has established the Rackham Non-Traditional program to aid master’s students who return to graduate school after an extended absence. Because an interruption in schooling may place such students at a disadvantage in competing for financial assistance awarded at the time of admission, these awards help non-traditional students fund their return to formal education.


Any Rackham master's program on the Ann Arbor campus may nominate up to three students. Nominated students must:

Selection Criteria

Selection will be based on time out of school, academic merit, financial need and motivation to complete the degree. Special consideration will be given to Michigan residents and applicants who have been out of the work force, and applicants who are changing fields or careers.


October 8, 2018

Award Description

The award will be equivalent to one term of tuition and associated fees. For students who qualify for need-based financial aid (including the child care subsidy), receipt of this Rackham award may reduce the original loan amount or subsidy. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for help evaluating your individual circumstance.

Nomination Process

Students are nominated by their program for this award. Students may contact their program regarding their selection and nomination process.

Graduate programs nominate students by completing the online nomination and submitting the following:

Fourever Funky Womens Satin Open Toe Strappy Rhinestone Cut Out High Heel Pink xwxIvVfiVH

Last updated: June 19, 2018 - 4:52pm

0120 Rackham Building 915 E. Washington St. Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1070 Phone: (734) 764-8119 Fax: (734) 615-7535 Email:

Our office hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Eastern time, Monday through Friday.

For Prospective Students

For Current Students

For Faculty and Staff of Graduate Programs

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For Alumni and Friends

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The Rackham Building

University of Michigan

© 2018 Muium Women Ladies NonSlip Straw Flat Sandals Open Toe Casual Slippers Shoes White Q4llaxT1y

Rackham Graduate School915 E. Washington StreetAnn Arbor, MI 48109 USA

The University of Michigan's commitment to diversity is a central part of our mission to ensure the excellence of graduate education.

Help us improve by sharing your feedback. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

How would you rate your experience?

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DC Investing Confronts the Consumer Choice Challenge


DC to Retirement and Beyond


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